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On the Rocks!

Graduate Work - Fall 2020 

Seamlessness Tech Seminar - UCLA AUD

Instructors: Nathan Su

Team: Alekya Malladi, Akshada Muley, Aishwarya Rajasekar and Neha Oswal

Softwares Used: Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe InDesign.

“On the Rocks” at Anacapa Island is a curated fiction created in order to assess the power of a fiction and its effects on related counterparts. The project aims to test a small-scale fiction across the tourism industry and its intersection with social media. It later aims towards analyzing the far-fetched effects if such a fiction was replicated through multiple agencies. The project involves mastering the skills of creating fake images and social media content, creating pseudo environments and rendering them to seamlessly integrate with the existing media with regards to that location.

The fiction is created and delivered using a chat on Whatsapp between four friends who are planning a trip to Anacapa Islands and stay at the house on rocks. Their intense search is supported by various other propaganda. But does this trip happen?

Malladi-Muley-Oswal-Rajasekar_Image 12_C

The project is based on research related to tourism and social media industries, one of the most popular ones today. It dives into the impact of social media content and how it has achieved the power of making people believe fictional worlds. This verisimilitude was created over a few weeks, starting with case-studies and research and extending up to deploying the fiction into real-world scenarios. The takeaway of this project is to understand how such fictions can be created and used for multiple motives including fame, money and disruption of a widespread industry. 

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